Friday, April 1, 2011

Move over Picasso

Here comes Felicity Michelle!

She is my ever-so-talented niece, and she's an aspiring artist!

And she has very good taste in jackets!

Here we are at 1 am Christmas morning!

Back in July, my family threw me a birthday party, and my mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted, I told her a homemade one! So, this is what I got. But Felicity did the flowers on it.

This next picture goes even further back to June 2009, when a local artist was sharing some of his huge talent with the kids at a library program.

This is what they came up with!And her most recent work, last night, I was at a baby shower, and Felicity (and her parents!) watched Noah for me, and when I got to their house to pick him up, she had this for me! She painted it in art club yesterday at school! I was so honored!

Of course, Noah wanted one with his name, so she told him next week she'd be right on it!

I'm so proud of my little miss priss, and can't wait to see what else she does!

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