Friday, April 29, 2011

A few from Easter

Getting ready for a BIG yard sale tomorrow, so I have no time to do a "real post" but before Christmas, I though it'd be a good time to post a few of our Easter pictures!

We went green for Easter!

Noah took the picture below! It was his idea to get one of just Daddy and Mama! (And baby brother...see!)
Here I am with Baby Brother...who shall remain nameless it looks like!
I am 24 weeks here.

And here's my big boy!

He is too big for his britches here (figuratively!)!

And I threw this one's Derrick's mom's family...

L to R...
Back Row-Uncle Frank, Uncle Ken, Uncle Joe

Front Row-Aunt Milly, and Mom Givens!

And totally off subject, but at the top of my list....please pray for the state of Alabama. These tornadoes have just been vicious....I think God is trying to open our eyes and shake us up a little bit, just like we'd do if our children were messing up! I've been listening for that trumpet to sound at any time now!!!

I have family who were close (blocks away) from some of these bad storms, and I thank God that their lives and homes were spared. Some people were not as fortunate, and I pray that God will minister to those families, and that they would feel His peace.

More later!

Have a good weekend!

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