Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello, hello!
Here I am again, with yet another random post, and it'll be a quickie!
First off, a Kindergarten field trip!!!
Next, this is what our poor pooch looks like when we leave our driveway!
Here's Noah with his hair fixed like Daddy!
Here he is in full Native American Headdress!
And last but not least, the many faces of my nephew Anthony!
First is the "are you looking at me" pose.

Followed by "sitting with Uncle Deck and maybe if I pretend to halfway smile the camera will go away"

Next is "nothing.....just sitting here" innocent look

Here is "chief I don't wanna"

And this is my fave.....

I had on my shades, and I was eating a pop tart (the breakfast of champs) and this little booger boy wanted to copy!!!

Be back soon!

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