Tuesday, November 30, 2010

O Christmas Tree!!!

Last weekend was the weekend for Christmas Tree Shopping....and boy, did we make a day of it!
They went too.....

That's my brother, his wife, and of course you recognize Little Anthony!

I'm totally not believing this is my little boy.....
We got to see reindeer who flew in straight from the North Pole.
And then we were off on the hunt for the perfect tree!
They were too....

And they were too!!! This year I will have to say, D and Noah did the quickest tree pickin' I've ever seen!!! Usually, after 2 1/2 hours of huntin', D will end up at the first one he liked. He ususally picks, because he's better at judging that stuff.....I really, really, wouldn't care if it were little or crooked or bald....Anyway, here's where the search was over

Noah got to do more of the cuttin' this year!
And we got her loaded up....

I love how Noah "forced" Anthony to look!

Anthony got to help his Daddy cut too, but those pictures are on their camera!!!

Oh yeah, and we got to see this guy!

He is part of this.

And Noah told him he wants "Alabama Football Pants!"

Noah had some of those pants, but outgrew them, so that was top priority!

See those folded hands---very proper manners!

Little Anthony wasn't sure about "ho-ho"

So "ho-ho" made his way down to Anthony!!
Anthony still wasn't sure about this! See, he gave Santa "the look"
And I love Noah's hand on Anthony's cheek again trying to "force" Anthony to look at the cameras!

And one more little boy had a Christmas wish----

D: " I want a brand new truck Santa, a 4 x 4!!!"

Santa: "Ho ho ho! Red or green?"

D: " I'll take Red, for Alabama!"

Tiffany: "Good grief....who is that grown man up in Santa's lap?!?!"

Anyway, we had to move on....this lively bunch couldn't take much more...

But a ride on the choo-choo train got everyone going again!

And that concluded our day at the farm.....
next up....


That'll have to be another post, for another day----just typing about our Saturday has made me tired!!!

Merry Christmas!

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