Monday, October 29, 2012

Eight is great....

...just ask Noah!!! I can hardly believe that my firstborn is already 8 years old, but he was born on October 22, 2004, and then I blinked, and here we are 8 years later!!! He had quite the celebrations this year.....
Cupcakes at school
These are his best friends here with him. It was also bandanna day for Red Ribbon Week, because our school is going to "band" against drugs!!!
 Then cupcakes with the team after practice
Still in shock that the candle is an "8"

Happy Birthday to You!

Then Saturday, we partied at the house!!! Unfortunately, I did not get lots of pictures from this party, simply because I was living in the moment, but here are a few high points.

The birthday boy with dad and mom!

His Miami Heat Birthday Cake!
 Noah had lots of fun with lots of family and friends at his party. We are so thankful for the wonderful people who are all a part of our lives. He also got several nice gifts, including a Wii....which he has wanted for years now!!! While gifts aren't everything, it's pretty much the only thing we got pictures of!!!! A friend ran in and grabbed my camera, and here are a few we caught in snapshots...
A football signed by Donte Hightower (he played for Bama last year) and the ball reads, "Happy 8th Birthday Noah!"

A Miami Heat Championship T-shirt......and yes, we let that kid in the orange and blue come.......after a slight hesitation!

His Julio Jones know we love our Foley boys!!! We watched him all throughout high school when my in-laws worked for the Alabama Sheriff's Boys Ranch, and had a child in their home who was the quarterback then. Also, the hubs used to work with Julio's dad, so we go way back......otherwise, it's Black and Gold all the way!!!

A couple of Wii games to accompany his new favorite past-time!

And like so many good things, this day had to come to an end also......but, what a wonderful 8 years I have had as the mom of Noah, and cannot wait to see him grow up, and serve the Lord in his calling. Sweet Noah, Mama wishes you many, many more!!!!

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