Tuesday, October 16, 2012


October 14 is known around here as D-Day......Derrick's Birthday that is!!!
He is a whopping 42 years old, and doesn't mind sharing it, he's just so proud to have survived another trip around the sun.
This year however, we added another reason to celebrate 10-14. It's also the date that my niece and nephew were baptized, and I was given the privilege of being my niece's godmother.

Derrick, just a toddler here!!!

We started off our festivities with a little cinnamon roll breakfast!!!

Noah was so stinkin' excited. D would probably not let me live to see 28 if he ever sees this is online! His morning hair do is nothing to brag about!!! Nonetheless, I am sharing it!

Here is Father Pat with Felicity and Cameron.

Here's my bro (the Godfather!) and my sweet girl, along with yours truly.

The kids with their godparents and Father Pat.

We are very proud of these two!!!

Next, we headed out to one of D's favorite local restaurants for lunch.....Noah was all grins when it came banana pudding time! Oh yeah, and D's mom and dad made the trip down late last week to celebrate with their "baby!"

Nicholas enjoyed himself too!!!

The birthday boy!!!
Next, we went to D's folks' house for one of his mom's famous cakes. She does something different for everyone, every year, and D said he couldn't be happier that his mom is still around to do this for him!!!

And I wish him many more!!!

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