Monday, October 31, 2011

PowWow and PowPows!!!

At our home, we do not like witches, ghosts, or mummies.....instead we choose to go to a fun time of food, games, and prizes at our church.

We call it Hallelujah Night.

I'm not sure who gets more excited, me or my little one.

This year, Noah again picked our outfits telling me, "Mom, you can be the cowboy,

and I can be the Indian. Nicholas, he can just be the horse!"

Well, I love a good challenge (I do not, nor have I ever bought our costumes, just don't have the money for it.) but I did have to leave baby Nicholas out this year. He can't hold his head up well enough to wear mane.

He did have on a onesie that reads, "Mommy's Little Monster!"
Here is "Little Bear." We thought that sounded like a good Indian Name....and it's been Noah's nickname since before he was born!

Here is Mr. Nicholas, wanting out of the carseat!!!

And below are the first place winners from the costume contest!!!!!

Looks like the red skinned savage got the ole pale face!!!
By the way, I look like my dad when he was about 18!!! hahaha

Also, Noah's shirt is actually a pillowcase with holes cut in it for the neck and arms!!! hahaha!

That's an arrow sticking out of my neck!

Until next year.....which we already have ideas for!

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