Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crimson Tide Yacht, Part 4

So, I left off with Bob trying to get the motor running, and us trying to find reasonable flooring prices. I made trips round the county to find all of the little things needed to make the motor fire up. We needed one more small piece, found in Gulf Shores. The grease and all found in Bay Minette. A piece of the impeller had to be welded. It all took about 2 weeks.

The next thing Bob worked on was the ignition. There wasn't a key!!!! We called a locksmith to see about getting one made. He told us to go buy a new ignition. So, Bob to the rescue again. He hooked it right up for us.

Then the big day came. Us, Bob and his wife, and our other neighbors were all standing there, when Bob hooked the motor up to the hose, and fired her off! Cranked first time! Bob was so happy I thought he was gonna cry! Derrick had "something in his eye!" Bob's wife said, "Oh good, it works, go get your truck Derrick and get it outta here!" Poor Mrs. Bob. She sacrificed her husband for a lot of days. From the time he got up to the time he went to bed for about 2-3 months, he spent working on our boat. We'll never be able to thank him and his wife enough!

Back to the flooring. I checked high and low for reasonable prices. Couldn't find a one. But, that would have to wait...D wasted no time taking her out! We have a friend who lives in Orange Beach on the canal who was brave enough to go with D. He also gave Derrick an old oar and anchor. More money saved! When Derrick came back alive, I told him Noah and I would go with him next! We took the boat out looking just like this.....

The seat that came with it-unattached, 2 coolers as seats, an area run so the fiberglass wouldn't stick to our feet!!! You know, the good old fashioned way! This picture was when we were launching.

It was funny because I was worried about going without seats, but Noah was obviously not concerned!

And me and unborn baby boy were not about to get out in that brackish!!! But those two had a blast swimming that day, and we all had a great boat trip!

Check back for more details on the floor and the seats!

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