Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm already behind!!!

So, my photo challenge has not gone as expected!!!! It sounded like a great idea, and I felt like the challenge was full of Christmas cheer. 

However, I have had 2 weeks of finals at school, and I have been focused on that and family these past few days!

Enjoy a few pictures from D's company Christmas party instead!!!
Nicholas coloring
Big brother Noah coloring
Making a Christmas tree out of an ice cream cone, frosting, and candy
Noah busy with his tree

Nicholas's finished product.....apparently he ate the decorations, minus one peppermint

Noah proudly displaying his finished product. Right after I took this picture, he shoved almost the whole thing in his mouth!!!
Santa made an appearance and he read "The Night Before Christmas" to these little darlings.
With one little darling who had to see for himself
And finally talking it over with the Santa, or Tanta as Nicholas calls him!
That's my boys!

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