Monday, August 26, 2013

It's us!

It's us, and it's as almost always, us being busy! Between 2 people being in school, one working 40-60 hours a week, and one person being 2 years old, we stay busy!!! We are trying to enjoy the moments of making the memories! Here's what we've got for now:
I love that we have this machine outside of our local grocery store in Robertsdale. Nicholas loves it too!

If you should ever need (or even when you don't need) your cabinets cleaned out, look no further!

I think he was just trying to find a place to play!!!

Being 2 is too cool!

I'm also thankful that this little one enjoys "salad" as he calls it! It's Craine Creek Farm lettuce with a little ranch on it!
Big brother is in full swing as football season has approached!!!

Whether rain....

....or shine! 
And little brother finds things to do too!

Yesterday, I had the sorrowful occasion of attending the funeral of a coworker of Derrick's, who was also a family member to many of my childhood friends. The service was at the church I grew up in, which is also where my Aunt Ruby attended church when she passed away. Before her passing, she had lots of back trouble due to a couple of car accidents she was in, and after a while of being at church, her back would bother her from sitting on the pew. So, she had her own chair to sit in, so she could comfortably enjoy the service. Before the funeral started yesterday, I had to just go sit in her chair for a while! 
And on a final note, I've fallen off of the deep end, and decided to be a little arsty-craftsy! Actually, it was by accident. My grandmother recently moved into a new place, and at this new place, every door had a wreath or something hanging on it, but hers! I told her we'd have to get her one. Well, I never saw an already made up wreath that looked like anything Nana would be interested in. So, I decided to try my hand at making one. Then, my mother saw it, and said, "I guess I'll have to get a new wreath too, mine is so old and falling apart!" 
Nana's wreath

My mom's wreath!
I think I will eventually "branch-out" into other styles or designs, but I thought this wasn't half bad for someone who still cannot color in the lines!!!

School work and house work are now calling my name!!!

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