Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Spring Days

 The unsung story of this blog seems to be that we are always busy! It's not necessarily that we have a cluttered life, it's just that I'm too busy being in the moment, rather than documenting it as I had once planned!!! As a matter of fact, I am typing this up now, as I sit here on my back porch, drinking a cup of coffee and watching my baby boy play!!! Here's a few memories to share!
After having my vegetable garden in pots for over a month, I finally decided it was time to get those plants in the ground! I couldn't have done it without *so* much help!

Other days, we are busy shoveling and scooping and dumping it all out again! I love our sandbox that D built for Noah 6 years ago!!!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. Just being these boys' mother is gift enough, but my hubby decided I also deserved relief from my kitchen duties for the whole day!!! I could have really gotten used to that!
Speaking of Mother's Day, I was honored to attend a class Mother's Day program with my first born. The teacher and students prepared refreshments for us, and served us as well. Everything about the program tied into the rain forest, which is what they have been studying this quarter.

When I'm not working outside or in the kitchen, you'll find me at the ball park watching number 14 and his Wildcat buddies!!! We definitely have an athlete in our home!

And when he's not at the ballpark, my first born is at school learning, and possibly more important, building his character and integrity, and earning Student of the Month privileges!!!

Stay tuned for more of our random adventures....but don't hold your breath for my next post!!! haha!

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