Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vacation 2011!!!

Greetings from Waverly, Tennessee!!!

We went last week on our annual TN trip, and had a great time! Try to keep up, it's really scattered, as was our trip! We mainly rested, stayed around the house and played Bingo, Scrabble, and Skip-Bo, ate popsicles and watermelon, and just enjoyed each other!

Our first stop was the creek. Wait, let me say this first....last month, My in-laws shed and creek were hit by a tornado. Their cabin was untouched. I mean no debris or anything. But the creek looked messy.

We did not let that spoil our fun!!!

We did take one day to go to Kentucky. Bowling Green is packed with stuff to do, and it's only 2 hours away from Waverly.

Our first stop was the Lost River Cave. We have been on cave tours before, but this one is really neat because the tour is on a boat. I don't have a lot of pictures because the cave was so dark, and I didn't want to chance dropping my camera!!!
The cave entrance.

Here we are! Good looking bunch of folks!

We also discovered that Bowling Green has a Greenwood Area. If you are local to where I live, you know I grew up in Greenwood!!!

Moving on to our next stop...

This placed housed thousands of Corvettes, and the history of the car. Derrick enjoyed it because his first car was a Red Corvette. We'll have another one, one day!!!
There's no way I could post all of the pictures I took that day, but if your ever in Bowling Green, do stop in. They also have a Corvette Plant there. We didn't visit it because Noah isn't old enough for that tour, but I'm sure it's really neat too.

Then, it was time for a lunch break. We looked all around at local eatery's, trying to pick a neat place for lunch, we were starving!!! We made the mistake of asking Noah where he wanted to go......McDonald's, with the indoor playplace and strawberry lemonade, won!!!

Next up, the Unisversity of Western Kentucky Museum. Noah began to show quite an interest in the Civil War while we were at MeMe and Poppy's, they have a neat picture with 2 generals on it, and so we took him here for a history lesson.

CSA President Jefferson Davis and US President Abraham Lincoln were both born in Kentucky....I didn't know that!

Guess who else was born in Kentucky?

Good ole Duncan Hines....had he ran for president, I would've voted for him!!! haha. He was actually born right in Bowling Green. They had a great exhibit about him. And no, they did not offer free samples!!!

Our last Kentucky stop was here. We toured a real L & N train, and had a wonderful time.
They also had a model railroad town set up, similar to the one we have here in Foley. Noah enjoyed it too!

My favorite part....
Then it was home again home again jiggety jog!!!

At MeMe and Poppy's, Noah has a special area of the yard that is his "craft and work" area. It's a few wooden pallets, and old garden and grill tools, and he goes and feeds the birds, and "makes" things. This time, he really surprised us. Noah came up to me and said mom, help me. So he wanted to break this little piece of wood in half, at a certain spot he measured, then he asked his daddy for a nail and hammer. The end product....

He asked MeMe and Poppy if they would please hang that cross up at the top of their cabin so everyone would know that it's a "Jesus Cabin."

We spent lots of time outside in the evenings, and Noah rediscovered his love for watching the birds. See the yellow finches?

We also decided the day before we left to take one last trip into town, and see Fort Waverly. All the times we went up there, and I really didn't know about this place. Derrick's sister and them went one time, but I sorta forgot about it. Noah didn't want to be in this picture!!!!! I love how excited Derrick and parents look here!!!!

I again took lots of pictures, but will only share a couple.

Like this one. Derrick's dad's first cash register looked just like this. I find that hilarious because we were in a Civil War in 1800s!!! haha.

And, seeing as how this matched my living room, I really wanted to take it, but I didn't!!!
I also liked this. The card in that little bowl has a picture of the ship that my uncle lived on in the Vietnam War.
They also had a very old post office there. It was really neat to see all of the "old timey" stuff.
We got back just in time to see the hay guys come. They didn't bale it until after we left, but it was so neat to watch them mow it down.

And that was our trip. One thing was really different about this trip, and I didn't know if Iwanted to share this here, or on a seperate post, but MeMe and Poppy's Curly went to be with the Lord about 2 weeks before we came up there. It was very noticable that he wasn't there. Curly had been a part of their family for at least 13, but we're thinking closer to 14 years. He will be very much missed. Like I said, it was noticable that he wasn't there, and it was sad.
And that concludes our trip. More posts about end of school, and even the beginnings of summer to come! I'll tell ya, I forgot how tired being pregnant can make one! It's all coming back to me here in this 3rd trimester!!! Two more months!!! Be back soon with more!!!

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  1. Love the tire swing in the creek! Looks like a great trip! Hope you are feeling o.k.!