Monday, May 16, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Mine mainly grows with lots of unwanted grass and weeds......but we have some food making it's appearance also!!!

I was kind of dragging my feet about planting a garden, just because I know I will not have the energy to keep it up, but Noah convinced me that we could do it! We'll see how that goes! He is good at pulling weeds!!!

So, when my mom and dad had some leftover tomato plants and cucumber plants from their garden, plus they gave me a few extra flowers, I thought, "Aha, flower and food garden all in one, I'll kill 2 birds with one stone!" So, I planted a couple tomatoes and cukies, along with marigolds and petunias.
Then my neighbor came over and gave me 4-5 more tomato plants, and 3 pepper plants, so what'd I do? I pulled up the flowers, put them in pots, and planted the rest of the food!!! Gave it a month or so, added a few seeds of my own, and Wa-la....

I have been pulling weeds!!!! It still is overtaken, but do not overlook the beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and I even planted a pumpkin seed from this pumpkin.....

Here are just some of our tomatoes, we ended up with 10 plants altogether, and several of them have little green tomatoes. The red one pictured below is a Roma Tomato. Here is our cucumber vine!

And here's our little pumpkin plant!!!

Stay tuned for more info on the harvest!!!

Oh, the white powder stuff you see is Sevin Dust!!! I've seen a couple of unwanted critters, so I occasionally sprinkle!

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  1. I finally had time to put some peppers and tomatoes in pots and planted our annual herb garden. Now the fun of watching them grow!!!