Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flashback to the past.....

When my brother fixed my computer the other day, he found some pictures that were as he put it "in a weird place" and I was so excited about that. Some of them we had backed up on CD's, some not. I can guarantee you they are all backed up on an external hard drive now!!! Either way, these are just a few I was looking at! The Panama City Beach one is from our honeymoon, I looked like a baby (maybe I was!), the next one from one of my baby showers with Noah (I'm almost that big now!!!) , then Noah and I posing after church one Sunday, he was 9 months old (yes, I had an awful perm), then us in Baton Rouge (I think, I know it was at Blue Bayou/Dixie Landing and in that area, and Noah was 9 months old), then one of my favorites of him just playing, and I'm not real sure how old he was, maybe 5 months, can't remember (notice the computer on in the background!!! Before blogs, facebook, myspace and the likes. Just regular ole e-mails!)!!! I may be inclined to share some others later, I just like going through the memories!

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